Sunday, December 18, 2011

The mess that people leave.

I am appalled every day at the mess that some people leave on our coaches. There is no need whatsoever for this mess and this shows what sort of passengers we carry. These people are so inconsiderate and lazy, they just drop anything on the floor that they no longer want. Chatting to drivers working for South Gloucestershire Bus and Coach, they really hate operating a relief coach on the Cardiff to London service simply because of the vast quantity of litter they have to pick up when the passengers get off. They have never experienced such a volume of rubbish left on their coaches on any other route.

It is really a demoralizing chore picking up the litter from these uncivilized passengers. However, some people can be really gross as this sign posted on the Nothing To Do With Arbroath blog shows.

Thankfully, our passengers are not that bad, although some disgusting mothers throw used nappies on the floor. But what is it with toilet tissue? Why do some passengers leave used toilet tissue in the sink rather than the toilet bowl? These stupid muppets are too thick to see that all our coaches have air flow hand dryers. Even if they are so daft as to try and dry their hands on toilet tissue, the place for the spent tissue is the toilet bowl and not the sink as a surprise for the next passenger or the driver to dispose of. Are their homes as dirty and litter strewn as their coach journey? Maybe...and I have my suspicions which are the dirtiest of all.
I agree with you here Steve, they must live in shit tips at home, most of our passengers are foreign immigrants so in my opinion this explains everything
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