Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Off duty Gloucestershire police officer in kebab shop salad rage.

I am not making this up but people do get angry when they do not get a full portion. An off-duty policeman assaulted two kebab-shop workers following a row over salad on his late night snack. The 32-year-old, of St Swithins Road, Oldcroft, Lydney, who has since resigned his post with Gloucestershire Police, pushed a worker at the takeaway as he stormed behind the counter. And the officer then punched the manager, knocking him to the floor, leaving him with a cut to his head as he struck the counter on the way down. "He was questioning the absence of salad on his kebab: what a banal thing to start this. Initially they thought he was joking about the lack of salad."

People can feel cheated when they do not get the full portion. It is the principle rather than the quantity. You always get salad with a kebab, it is part of the meal. To skimp on the salad is simply mean and I can understand the customer's rage. It was wrong for the customer to go behind the counter and attack the staff but I can understand his feelings at the missing salad.
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