Sunday, December 04, 2011

Workplace decorations.

What a shock I got yesterday when I went down the farm. I walked into the traffic office as usual and stopped in my tracks. What the devil is going on, I thought. The whole traffic office was decked out in Christmas decorations. There were streamers, ribbons, tinsel, lights and a tree. I thought I had walked into Santa's Grotto not a traffic office.

I said to Andy "Is there another office for Atheists to sign on?"

"No Butt, this is to get you into the Christmas spirit, don't you like it?" Andy replied.

I then told Andy what I thought about the commercialism of Christmas, that I thought all Christmas decorations were junk and that I do not believe in God or the baby Jesus.

I think these Christmas decorations have spoilt our traffic office and are a load of junk. It does not make the farm look professional but rather amateur. Thank goodness the nationwide company does not allow Christmas decorations on the coaches it hires to run the services. Christmas decorations may look nice in a children's nursery but they look stupid in the traffic office of the leading Welsh coach operator. I am afraid to sit down in the traffic office in case some joker comes in and sits on my lap thinking I am Santa because of my white beard.

I do not think there is a place for Christmas decorations in the workplace. They make any workplace look  untidy and unprofessional.

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You are one miserable bastard mr clynes!!
"A merry Christmas, Ebenezer! You old HUMBUG! Oh, and a happy new year!"

Thanks guys for joining in with this seasonal banter. When I went down the farm yesterday afternoon, someone had pinned a poster on Stewart's door with the words "Ba Humbug".
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