Thursday, February 02, 2012

And she's back!

It's back to normal in my home today because Gail was discharged from hospital last night. Gail was wondering just how long she would remain in hospital as I arrived at 16.00 for the visiting session. I made her really happy as I gave her a carrier bag containing a savoury cheese baguette and a coffee cream puff bun from Greggs. At around 17.00 the surgeon came along, examined Gail and declared that she was free to go home. This was a huge surprise and relief to her. She has had a full knee replacement in her left leg. Unfortunately the operation wound was slow to stop bleeding and Gail spent a total of 10 days at Llandough Hospital. I had been sleeping on my own for 9 nights and it was strange having her back in my bed.

Barney is pleased that Gail is back as he has spent a lot of time on the window sill in our lounge, looking out and hoping for her to come back.

Oh! and that strange black thing in the corner has started up again, Gail is watching her television. It's back to normal folks, soap operas every night until 21.00 and then something we can watch together.

Nice to know our Gail is back safe and sound but please Stephen stop pretending you were alone when it's common knowledge that you had female company every night:-))))
No Matthew, Barney is definitely a male dog although his testicles were removed a long time ago. He still wants to shag your coat if you try to go out without him!
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