Saturday, February 18, 2012

Check, check, check.

Every day in my day job as a coach driver under contract to a nationwide company, I am checking coaches. The first thing I do is a walk-around-check of my allocated coach. Check, check, check on loads of things, too numerous to write about here in this post on my blog! At the end of my shift I fill out another form, check, check, check goes the biro on the form. This check, check, check is part of my working life and it is like getting washed and dressed in the morning. I do leave my work at the farm when I come home, honest - but some things do carry over. One of them is check, check, check. I treat my car the same as I treat any of our 12 coaches.

Yesterday was MOT day for our car. I dropped the car off and took our dog for his walk whilst the garage performed the MOT. I got back to the garage and the owner laughed "I won't make any money out of you! You should see some of the cars we get in here, some drivers simply never bother with maintenance and it comes as quite a shock when we tell them what is wrong."

So the check, check, check certainly pays off. I was not caught out by the MOT because I did my usual checks and had replaced the right hand number plate light bulb a short while ago. I wonder how much that would have cost if I had not checked and rectified it before?

Please check yur car tax as it is up next week
New disc is now displayed in the windscreen. It cost me £130 - how much does it cost for your new tractor?
£165 a year, how did u know it was mine old boy?
A while ago I opened Facebook and Lisa made a post about it. I made a comment then, did she not tell you?
I'm banned from fb because freedom of speech is not allowed in this country so no, Lisa did not mention it...
You could always write a blog or become a member on Twitter. Worth a thought...
I'm on twitter!!! Matthewthomas76:-)))))
Thanks for the link to the micro blogging site of Twitter. I notice you have 86 followers and my MP Kevin Brennan has 6,247 followers. I do like his tweet -

Don't u hate privatisation - twice asked info for platform and next train to Twickers - twice answered- 'don't know mate different company'
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