Saturday, February 25, 2012

The darker side of advertising 

There is an advertising campaign running in South Wales at the moment which is rather creepy. The first I knew of this advertising campaign was when I heard it on the radio. Now I have noticed billboards around Cardiff and posters on the back of buses in Newport.

Now this is creepy, the thought of poisons hiding in your car ready to cause your child to die from cot death, have chest problems such as asthma and bronchitis, more likely to get serious ear infections which can lead to hearing problems and die of cancer when they are older. Even if you open the window, or smoke when your children are not in the car the deadly chemicals linger in the seats and roof lining long after you’ve stubbed it out. Smoking in your car can seriously affect the health of your children. Looking at the image above, the warning sign displays 3Y 1223 which actually is the Hazchem Tricode System sign for Kerosene and is quite an explosive explanation.

Okay, the team at Fresh Start Wales have taken an alarmist stance in their advertisements but they have a point. We can all smell the odours left behind by smokers, I should know because of my father's pipe smoking habit. But what toxins do these smokers leave behind? Is it a nasty smell or a death sentence? What are the toxins lurking in your car? Thank goodness that smoking is no longer allowed on public transport and in enclosed public spaces throughout Britain. Is arsenic to be found in the fabric of your car as stated in the advertisements from Fresh Start Wales ? Maybe it is, so welcome to the darker side of advertising.

Sleep well my babies.
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