Sunday, February 05, 2012

Dodging the system .

There are people around, who try to dodge the system. Those people who try to steal a free ride. Some people even go online to try and cheat a ride.

Visitors to Germany notice that there are no barriers at tube stations? "It could never work back home," proclaim tourists from less law-abiding nations, notably Britain. "No one would bother paying."

About 3.5% of journeys on German public transport are not paid for, according to statistics from the Association of German Transport Operators (VDV). In less compliant Berlin, it is 6%. The VDV is also outraged at an internet "service" launched in one German city to help fare dodgers evade ticket inspectors' sporadic checks. The MVV Blitzer warns passengers in Munich where and when the usually plain-clothed inspectors are working and what they are wearing. Oliver Wolff from the VDV is worried that not paying is becoming socially acceptable in Germany. "It's now got to the point where potential fare dodgers are organising themselves and helping each other online. It's this sort of open activity that is making travelling without a valid ticket seem less harmful,"

This dodging is not harmless fun, it is theft. I am appalled at the lack of morality by some people. This lack of revenue has to be paid for by the remaining and honest passengers. Over time this theft is paid for by increased fares, so these fare dodgers are not only cheating the operating company but all the other passengers too. This is not a victimless crime. To start an online service for fare dodgers is moving into organised crime.
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