Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hacked off. 

I have had a Yahoo! email account for over 8 years now. The email works well and it does just what I want. I have never had any complaints about the Yahoo! email service , it is easy to use and I can access it anywhere in the world.

A while back I read that members of a popular Yahoo! newsgroup had their Yahoo! email accounts hacked and spammers were using their email identities to plague the newsgroup with spam. The affected email account holder also had spam sent to all their friends etc who were in their contacts list. The newsgroup moderator's advice was to reset your password and hopefully the spammers would be denied access to your email account. This hacking of a Yahoo! email account also happened to a friend we met on holiday who has no interest in coaches operated by a nationwide company.

So I have reset my password but am still feeling a little hacked off at spam being sent out in my name. I do not think there is a moral to this story, it is just bad luck. I do not think there is anything wrong at Yahoo! and it is just an attack by hackers trying to gain revenue by sending out spam.

Sadly all email systems are vulnerable to this type of assault. It is the nature of the beast and one of the downsides of having an open and user-friendly system.
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