Friday, February 17, 2012

The Reaping, The Fahllen Book 1 by M. Leighton .

Carson Porter is a 17 year old girl living with her Dad. She has the usual teenage pressures and problems but one morning she noticed her skin had changed a little. Carson is a very likeable girl and you follow her as her body changes and she discovers a whole new world. Carson has a recurring dream and slowly she learns about the Darkness. The Reaping is a fantasy that is told in the first person.

Michelle Leighton's writing is absolutely spot on. Her style is very similar to that of Slights by Kaaron Warren. Michelle writes with a tremendous vocabulary, painting such a full picture that makes you imagine that you are Carson. The Reaping is a fantasy and it is a fun, exciting and enjoyable read. The structure is great and the pace is correct. There is some mild humour, which is self depreciating, for example...

“I mean, why wouldn’t I be alright?  I’m a probably-cursed, possibly-dead, fire-wielding, plant-killing, ghost-seeing orphan with a second skin.  Why on earth wouldn’t I be alright?”


My luck took a turn for the better the next morning.  After locating a library that would allow me to avail myself of their internet access without a cavity search, I was quickly able to come up with an idea of where my mother might be.  And I was closer to her than I thought.

...This book is clean, there is no rough or graphic sex to make the reader smile. The ending is good. The Reaping was written in 2011 and I bought the Amazon Kindle 535KB eBook for just 86p.  I am going to vote The Reaping the maximum score of 5 stars on Good Reads simply because I can find nothing wrong with it. I am an Atheist and The Reaping is such a HOOT! to read. This book is not my usual reading genre of conspiracies or crime thrillers but The Reaping is very entertaining and a joy to read. As a reader, I can't ask for any more as it fills my desire for an inspiring daily read. I will always remember this book when I am walking my dog and I stumble across a clearing in the woods!

Thank you so much for this amazing review, Stephen! I'm honored that you read and enjoyed my work.
You're welcome Michelle. Work of your quality deserves praise rather than the reader simply moving on to the next book on their Kindle.
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