Sunday, February 12, 2012

Swansea, the toilet seat of learning.

Swansea is famous for many things and now it has become the toilet seat of learning. Swansea is a multi-cultural city and accordingly Swansea University has produced a helpful poster to show people how to use the toilet.


When you look at the mess left behind by passengers who have travelled on our coaches, maybe the nationwide company should consider displaying similar posters? The place for the used toilet tissue is down the bowl and not on the floor. Many a day I have spotted footprints on the toilet seat and have wondered what has been going on? Surely our toilets are not big enough for two passengers to engage in sex whilst I am driving along the motorway at speeds of up to 62mph?
Many parts of the World and different cultures don't use a sit on loo prefering instead a "Croucher". Its claimed to be more hygenic since your arse doesn't come into contact with the same place as many previous arses. Perhaps thats the need to explain how to use the loo for visitors to the UK.

Doesn't half cause cramp in your thigh muscles using a "croucher" if you are in for a long job after sampling the local dodgy cuisine.

That's the behaviour of backward races and cultures for you I'm afraid old boy
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