Thursday, February 16, 2012

Touchy feely.

Some people are more touchy feely than others. Quite often in the workplace, employees brush against fellow employees in a familiar manner. This brushing is not accidental but done on purpose. This is not sexual harassment, just workmates being friendly with each other. The brushing can be same sex or opposite genders, it makes no difference as the action is just friendliness. Very often the brusher creeps up behind and the brushee has to guess which workmate it is. I have lost count of the number of times my bottom has been caressed by fellow workmates in the bus garage. No offence was ever taken as it is only a harmless game of guess. If other drivers are not brushing my bottom then they are patting my stomach and asking when my baby is due. This is all taken in good humour.

However things are different in Thailand as this video shows...

Did you watch the neighbouring video of the girls in little white shorts playing pool?

I bet you did :)

Sorry John, I missed that one. The related videos seem to be displayed at random or using a certain algorithm. I suspect you enjoyed the related video though!
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