Saturday, February 04, 2012

Who gives a tweet, researchers ask.

I am not a fan of Twitter , the micro blogging website where people are limited to posts with a maximum of 140 characters. This 140 character restriction means that all tweets are short, snappy and quite often inane. There is never the depth that posts achieve on regular blogs like natural yogurt. So you may wonder how many tweets are actually read  and are of value to the reader. Well a quarter of the 200 million tweets sent each day on the micro blogging platform Twitter are "not worth reading at all", according to new research. Overall, only 36 percent of the tweets were liked, while a further 25 percent were disliked. So maybe they should have a change of brand from twitter to twatter?

Unfortuneately this style of micro blogging on both twitter and Facebook is still rather popular. I am surprised at the high number of businesses who throw high resources to developing their profile on Facebook and twitter. Maybe the funds they allocate to their online presence could be better spent elsewhere? Or maybe society has changed and the public now wants just 140 character sound bites to keep them up to speed?

Still, there will always be a place for people who want a long rant about anything, that place is called Blogger , who will give you a blog for free.
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