Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bag for life?

There is one trend that is springing up around the country that is annoying responsible dog owners. It is the half way brigade. There are some dog owners who will scoop up their dog's excrement into a plastic bag but then discard it. Poop-scoop bags can be found on many beaches and in country parks.

The charity Marine Conservation Society (MCS) says the volume of dog excrement in bags left on UK beaches rose 11% between 2010 and 2011. Scotland recorded the biggest increase – 71% in one year. MCS Beachwatch officer Lauren Davis says the findings reveal good and bad habits: "We're delighted that pet owners enjoy dog-friendly beaches and clearly think ahead by carrying poop-scoop bags. But we hope our findings will now encourage them to take the bag off the beach and bin it in one of the many receptacles provided for the job. "Leaving a bag full of poo on the beach will result in preserved excrement, protected from the elements for years by a bag which could take a long time to break down."

These bag it, then discard it dog owners don't understand how much damage they are doing by their half hearted measures and sheer laziness. It is no joy walking through woods dodging plastic pooh bags hanging from branches. Left to rot away from the path, dog pooh will soon degrade just like vegetable waste but plastic bags just stay there preserving the contents. A little thought would go a long way to stopping this blight on our beaches and in our country parks. Why Scotland has a 71% increase in discarded pooh bags, rather than the UK average of 11% is very difficult to understand. I thought the Scots did not like wasting money on anything, including plastic bags.
I think you will find that the bags are made of biodegradable plastic, so they will rot away in time also. Certainly the ones I used when dog walking for the Bristol Dogs Home were.

But you are right it does seem rather pointless to bag the doggy poo and then leave the bag hanging from a branch or fence.

Have you tried finding bins to put the bags into???!!!!!!!
NO!! There aren't many bins around these days I'm afraid
Matthew - trying to post as our service delivery manager but did not spell his name correctly - I am sure you and your bitch Sally can find plenty of bins in Porthkerry Country Park, Cold Knap and Barry Island.

To readers of this blog who do not know Matthew, Sally is his pet spaniel who he took as a rescue dog.
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