Saturday, March 10, 2012

Having a father is a human right. 

I saw a full page newspaper advertisement yesterday that drew my attention.

This advertisement was not for a tablet computer or a trendy app. It was a political poster from the people behind Fathers 4 Justice and they have a new website that launches their iDad campaign. I fully support this campaign and think the advertisement is spot on with the tag line of "Having a father is a human right".

As a piece of art, this advertisement is bright, focused, eye catching and up to date. To introduce the idea of a dad as a user friendly tablet computer or application is cool. This advertisement is not tired or dated but at first glance appears to come from a leading electrical retailer.

On a political front, the tag line of "Having a father is a human right" should appeal to anyone interested in human rights and equality. So many children loose out when a mother denies, for many different reasons, the child to have contact with their father. The child then becomes a pawn in the power game between their parents. The human rights of the child are ignored and in the UK fathers have very few rights in gaining access to their children.

Hopefully this campaign will help move towards change so that children will be able to have contact with their fathers, it is not a lot to ask. These dads who are denied access to their children are not super heroes in fancy costumes but average human beings who make mistakes but try their level best to have a go at being a dad. All these men want is the chance to have a go and I feel their children just want to make their own minds up about their father, just like their school friends do.

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