Thursday, March 15, 2012

One thing at a time.

Unlike women, who claim to be able to multi-task, men can do just one thing at a time. Men claim that women may be able to multi-task by doing simultaneous tasks poorly while men do just the one task really well. This gender argument about multi-tasking has gone on for years now. It is standard humour for comedians and works well when playing to the crowd.

At work I do one job at a time and do not attempt to multi-task. You will not catch me using the hands-free telephone whilst I am driving the coach. No driver will ever be disciplined for ignoring a ringing telephone because safety comes first. Instructions from the nationwide company are very strict, microphones MUST only be used whilst stationary. This instruction also applies to launching the nagging woman CD.

Sadly there is now speculation that the coach driver of a coach that crashed in Switzerland, killing 22 schoolchildren and six adults, may have been trying to insert a disc on the onboard entertainment system shortly before the accident, Swiss and Belgian papers have reported. The Dutch-language Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws said children who were aboard the bus reported seeing the driver handling a DVD that a teacher had given to him to play and the paper speculated that a "moment of distraction" may have caused the bus to hit a curb.

The impact with the curb caused the vehicle to veer into a "stop lane" and slam head-on into a wall where the lane ended. The bus was carrying 52 people. Swiss police say 21 Belgians and seven Dutch were killed inside the Tunnel de Geronde. Twenty-four children were hurt in the crash, some seriously. The impact was so violent that some children were thrown from windows, despite wearing seatbelts. Authorities said two drivers on the bus were killed instantly, but they have not yet determined which of the two men was behind the wheel. They said there is no evidence the bus was travelling over the speed limit. Swiss daily newspaper Aargauer Zeitung reported similar claims speculating on driver error, but Swiss police have refused to comment.

So before you drive ANY motor vehicle, think - one thing at a time. We have all seen car drivers wandering across the road as they play with their music or navigation system. Fine, play with your gadgets but for safety's sake, ONLY when stationary. Multi-tasking is a myth, so don't be the death of it.
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