Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Show us your ankles.

Now that the weather has improved and Spring is definitely in the air, I wonder if one blight on the pavement is finally on it's way out?

Lots of women all around our country have taken to the fashion of wearing some dreadful looking floppy boots. There are many floppy boots on the market, some cheap and nasty, others expensive and nasty . These women march along our pavements looking like peasant farmers, the floppy boots do not make them look attractive. These floppy boots have become an urban eyesore.

Now the sun is shining brightly, the numbers of women trudging along in floppy boots is thankfully on the decline. We are starting to see the end of this sorry spectacle on our streets.

So come on girls, be brave, the sun is out and show us your ankles.
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