Friday, March 02, 2012

Starbucks coffee to be stronger with extra shot of espresso. 

Starbucks on Thursday disclosed that customers will now get two shots of espresso rather than one in lattes, cappuccinos and other coffee drinks.

But it is the announcement of an increased strength in its coffees that will be of most interest to customers, many of whom have expressed disappointment at the perceived weakness in Starbucks drinks when compared with rivals such as Costa.

The move, the first by the multinational group anywhere in the world, follows extensive research which showed the company had reported a 60 per cent rise in people wanting extra caffeine shots in their lattes, its most popular drink.

I had hoped to find a link to the news story that appeared in the i newspaper, I was unable to find the link so I have copy/pasted the content above from the Telegraph website. What the Telegraph article does not mention but the i newspaper report does, is that the "tall lattes" will go on sale from 14th March at £2.15 - there will be no price increase for the extra shot of espresso. That is good news but the really good news is that as a one-off, it will not charge customers who want to try the new drinks on that day until midday. So I will be marching along to a Starbucks around London Victoria to claim a free coffee on Wednesday 14th March. Starting work on our 117 duty at 03.15 that morning, a free coffee on my break in London Victoria Coach Station will be a very welcome bonus. To many people it will be their breakfast coffee, to me it will be a coffee in the middle of my working day.
Starbucks is OK in an emergency but for my money Costa make a better roast (same price for a latte as well).

Best coffee though is from the guy who parks outside my office with his little three wheel van with an espresso machine in the back. He uses Illy - the price of coffees.
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