Sunday, March 04, 2012

Work them stairs! 

I am not making this up but Liverpool City bosses are moving the office where disabled motorists must have medical examinations for blue badges from the 13th level of a car park after admitting it was “not the ideal location”.

The move follows a complaint from a member of the public who found that the lift in the Mount Pleasant car park stops two levels short of the roof. He had to struggle up two flights of stairs, to where the portable cabin offices are, to be assessed.

The complaint from the disabled driver obtained by the ECHO states that “a set of stairs has to be negotiated before emerging at the correct level and having done this there is a long walk for someone of limited ability”. It added: “It seems ludicrous that the council could not find a more appropriate setting for a disability assessment office than one that is a trial in every sense of the word”.

A council spokesman said: “We recognise it’s not the most satisfactory arrangement. We will be getting a ground floor office."

That made me chuckle for all the obvious reasons!
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