Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Blood That Bonds (The II AM Trilogy) by Christopher Buecheler .

Two Ashley Majors is the central character in this novel. Two a heroin addict, she works as a prostitute and is living in a brothel. The Blood That Bonds gets off to a really good start as it describes Two's life and what it means to be a heroin addict. I was impressed by how well it describes her feelings using heroin and the darkness surrounding her existence in the brothel. Her work as a prostitute is sharply described, for example...

She and Molly were popular, as individuals and as a group. Two, with her large eyes, upturned nose, and small breasts, could pass for much younger than she really was. She received the clients who wanted to fuck a twelve-year-old, but who still retained some sort of conscience, some semblance of a soul. Molly’s clients, as far as Two could gather, had no soul at all.

...One night Two has a new client called Theroen and he wants Two to dress a certain way...

“Black panties, black socks, black pants, black shirt. Tie your hair back in a ponytail. Wear a gold chain. Make your pale-ass little white-girl face even paler. Black lipstick, dark eye-shadow, lots of liner. Shower first, and clean yourself well. One gold chain, no other jewelry. No deodorant, no perfume. He says it ‘disagrees with him.’ Don’t look at me like that, I’m just quoting him.”

 ...The Blood That Bonds is a modern vampire tale. It is a fun story that is escapism. There is nothing in this book to make you feel uncomfortable. The big surprise is the diversity among the vampires. They are not all the same, there are many different types of vampire, the equivalent to dog breeds. All vampires will bite but some are cute and loving, while others can be nasty pieces of work.

There is a humour in this book, dark but funny, for example...

“Naomi has never given blood to a man, Theroen. Would you like to drink from her?”
Theroen considered this. “I’m afraid I might kill her. I have never left prey alive.” Naomi’s eyes widened.
Lisette laughed. “You will do no such thing. Naomi is not your prey. She is my attendant. Or perhaps my soubrette. Sit down, Theroen.”

 ...The Blood That Bonds was written in 2009 and is available as a 497 KB Kindle eBook. This story has a nice ending and I shall be voting it 4 stars on Good Reads because it is a good book. I enjoyed reading this entertaining novel which poses a good distraction as you read this fantasy, although it does draw you in. Driving back from London late at night, I noticed a man, on his own, moving in the darkness past the pillars supporting the M4 motorway. My first thought was vampire! Don't be silly Stephen, I thought - but you never know as they may be out there...
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