Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't Blame the Dog .

We watched the second episode of Don't Blame the Dog on BBC Three television last night. It is a documentary about British dog owners who have problems with their pets. Last night's episode saw 2 owners going to the Lost Dogs Home at Melbourne in Australia.

The programme was good and was just what you expected from the BBC. Not all dogs can be re-homed for various reasons. Some dogs are in such a poor condition that they have to be put down. We saw one little white haired terrier dog who had bad skin and hair problems. It's back end was dragging and the dog was clearly in distress. The staff at the Lost Dogs Home had tried their level best but this little dog had not recovered. It looked and behaved like a lovely family pet, giving love and moving around as it played on the floor. But the time had come and it was decision day.

The best thing to do was to end this dog's distress and low quality of life by putting it down. So our British dog owner had to pick the little dog up and carry it on it's last journey. She comforted the little dog as the vet administered the lethal chemicals and then checked it's lack of breathing.

As viewers, Gail and I had only watched this little dog for a matter of seconds in this television documentary. The vet did his job professionally and the little dog suffered no trauma. However we both shed tears as this dog was put down because this dog gave such trust to the staff at the Lost Dogs Home. It seemed such a betrayal of trust for this dog to be put down. We knew it was the best thing to do but it still felt as thought this dog was lied to and tricked.

We only watched this on television and it brought us to tears. The staff at the Lost Dogs Home have to make these life or death decisions every day. Yes, the dogs are put down with no trauma but you still have them on the table as they take that last breath. The dog did not ask for it but you the worker put the dog on the table for that last time. It can never be easy as that dog looks you in the eye and blinks for the last time.
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