Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not Ken Again

I had a message on Facebook the other day, from my mate Matthew who works down the farm and also comments on this blog.

"please look at the notkenagain.com. there's also a fb page on him. give me yur thoughts please"

So, rather than send Matthew a personal reply and have an audience of one, I thought I would post my thoughts on natural yogurt for the whole world to read.

I first saw the Not Ken Again advertising poster a while ago whilst I was sat at traffic lights going into London. My gut reaction was to remember the URL and have a browse on the internet when I got home. I also wondered if there was a rival Not Boris Again website. Having looked at the issues involved, I kept them up my sleeve in case I wished to blog about them later.

There is no "Not Boris Again" website, only a Not Ken Again campaign.

I think that the Not Ken Again campaign is wrong, it does nothing for Boris. This type of negative campaigning is very American and is not the British way. Boris and his supporters have scooped the bottom of the barrel with their campaign to discredit Ken. Telling the voters what may be wrong with a candidate does not push the choice forward and is only playing dirty. The Not Ken Again campaign does not declare what Boris can offer Londoners. Campaigning in the negative will only increase voter apathy that will produce a lower election turnout.

Now I read that the RMT has started legal action against Boris Johnson over a poster allegedly portraying leader Bob Crow as "corrupt, venal and scandalous".

So the mud slinging has started and Boris started it first!

I think that both candidates would make a very good London Mayor. They have both served London really well in the past and if re-elected would lead London forward in these challenging times. There is little to chose between them, they both have good and bad policies depending on your income status. For the majority of Londoners, I believe that Ken is the best choice for them. For a very few, highly paid lucky individuals, Boris is their man.

If I was a London voter, then Ken would get my vote without a doubt. He is a good bloke with sound policies and a good political history when he was not afraid to speak up against the Labour leadership. Ken has not been involved in a dirty campaign to discredit Boris, he has simply gone around listening and answering questions. Ken has won the moral high ground from the Hooray Henry's.

Boris has done himself no favours by his negative campaigning and has shot himself in the foot on his way out of office. The next job for Boris will be presenting another episode of Have I Got News For You on BBC1 television which can highlight his 3 door New Bus for London.
You failed to mention Ken's reluctance to pay tax and his anti-semitic stance and his over indulgence of the muslim vote and his anti-white endorsements of racists like Lee Jasper!!!!!!!!!
Better the devil you know!

Enjoyed the televised debate on ITV1 last night and Boris looked rather uncomfortable when Brian Paddick barked at him!
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