Wednesday, April 04, 2012

One amazing story .

Okay, I have nothing to do with drugs but I do enjoy a good story.

This is the story of Lucy Wright, a pregnant British drug mule who made an amazing escape from prison by swimming for 4 hours across a river. This is one great story of a very lucky escape indeed. She was arrested at Buenos Aires airport on 14 March 2007 after customs officers sawed open her suitcases and found packs of cocaine inside the metal frames. After being strip-searched, Wright was taken to a holding jail. "I was the only woman there. I was put in a cell with no door, just a man sitting in the door. There was no toilet; he watched me go on the cell floor." WOW!

The next day, she was bailed by a controversial new judge who believed foreign drug smugglers should pay their own way while awaiting trial. He may have regretted the ruling. She then set off on the 7,000-mile journey home, heading first to Argentina's northern border with Braziland reasoning that because Brazilians do not speak Spanish, they might not get wind of her escape. After catching local buses from town to town – a circuitous route from Córdoba to Mendoza to Salta – she eventually arrived in the frontier town of Puerto Iguazu. With no hope of catching a bus over the river Iguazu into Brazil without being arrested, Wright says her "fight instinct kicked in". Looking over the bridge, she says she noticed a big stretch of the riverbank on the Brazilian side that appeared unpatrolled. That night, wearing jeans, a top and flip-flops and with no luggage, she set off on the most treacherous leg of her escape – a four-hour crossing. "I waited until it got dark and waded in in my jeans and flip-flops. The river didn't look too fast-flowing, but it was silty and muddy. I came out covered in mud, but no one saw me. When I made it, I remember just standing there thinking: 'What do I do now?'

Read the full story in the Guardian , it is one great story indeed.
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