Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Review A Day

So, now that Wabby  has stopped blogging, I have been looking for a replacement blog to take his place on my right hand links sidebar. There are many blogs to choose from and now I have decided which blog to fit the vacancy.

I have gone for A Review A Day, which is a personal blog by Dan Bishop who has a mission to review something every day. He has a very varied range of reviews and is simply what rocks his boat on that day. He plunges in, pulls no punches and writes just what he feels about the product or service. I like his style and his blog makes me smile. There is something for everyone and his blog is certainly worth a look. You know how it is at work when one of your mates passes on good or bad points about something they had at the weekend - well, A Review A Day is just like that. Check out his review of a bouncy castle and the Tuck Shop Ice Cream Cake .
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