Friday, April 13, 2012

The Rotten Apple

This story simply stinks. The truth is out and the late Steve Jobs, a key figure behind Apple. maker of over-priced electronic consumer goods, was conspiring with publishers in fixing prices of eBooks. This nasty cartel was against the public interest and a free market. Now the public knows for sure how nasty Steve Jobs was with his greed for profit is trying to fix prices.

I am totally against the thought of fixing prices behind the scenes and this shows how big business takes the public for gullible mugs. Shame that Apple has such a loyal following but perhaps his customers have more money than sense.

So beware, that brand might be respectable but behind the scenes they will so gladly rip you off. It is bad that main stream publishers jumped into bed with Steve Jobs too. Hopefully the new breed of independent publishers can lead the way forward and leave this greedy, profit hungry publishers with unsold stock.
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