Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back from my holidays.

Stephen was due to go away on holiday to Egypt but unfortuneately I was poorly and was admitted to hospital. The cost of the Egyptian holiday will be reclaimed from our travel insurance and having booked my time off work I hoped to still be able to go away. Gail and I had a brain storming session and decided to have a holiday in Britain. We knew what sort of holiday experience we were looking for and it was just a case of choosing a region of our lovely island. We decided on Norfolk and a quick look on the internet gave us 3 good value hotels to stay in. We chose the Travelodge at Norwich Cringleford , the Premier Inn at Lowestoft  and the Swan Inn (Inn Keepers Lodge) at Horning . Okay, we all know that Lowestoft is in Suffolk but it is close to the Norfolk boundary and the price at the Premier Inn is right.

We had a good time touring around Norfolk and it was a refreshing break. There was plenty of variety and it brought back memories of driving Leyland Leopards under contract to the nationwide company in the 1980's. I was surprised at the number of roads I came across with a 20 mph speed limit - this seems rather slow and a reflection of the nanny state as opposed to actual hazards or  risk. The further away from large towns we got, the higher the price for pub meals on offer, which made us feel that the Norfolk Broads are a tourist rip-off. We loved the Norfolk beaches and the wind in our hair.

Normally on holiday I have a break away from computers and the internet. Recently I have noticed a lot of places advertising wifi, so I decided to take our laptop along with us. I am not a fan of Widows 7 and prefer the Lubuntu running LXDE on our desktop computer at home. However, I decided to give it a try and was pleased that we took the laptop with us. It proved very useful indeed!

Still, I am back home now and I have another 2 days before I return back to work. I am fully refreshed and have fully enjoyed the trip away from my usual stomping grounds.

Just catching up on your blog. Sorry to hear you've been unwell and glad you're back and healthy once more.

Norfolk is lovely (especially the coast) and the natives are actually quite friendly and don't have six fingers!
Yes, liked your beaches, very refreshing indeed. The locals were friendly and the checkout girl in Tesco's at Thetford wondered why we were there on holiday!
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