Friday, May 11, 2012

Crime in the Community by Cecilia Peartree .

Amaryllis moves to Pitkirty in Scotland and straight away takes interest in joining the PLIF - Pitkirty Local Improvement Forum, a jolly band of characters who conduct meetings in the Queen of Scots pub. These monthly meetings are rather drab and appear to be just an excuse to go to the pub. But will the newcomer change things?

Crime in the Community is a farce about village life and steering committies. The reader is teased with sinister undertones and you begin to search for some action or a conspiracy. This novel is a classic slow burner that simply nags at possibilities of a plot but just rambles on. There are many jolly conversations between the characters and there is some mild social comment about problems within British society. This book is good at setting the tone of everday life, for example...

‘Aye,’ said Big Dave. ‘Never trust a man with a silly looking beard and a filofax.’

... and...

He didn't know what to do about Marina and Faisal. He knew if he took them with him, they would be completely impossible en route, whether the small party travelled by train or bus – they would complain about the journey, they would want to go to the toilet when there was no toilet, they would want to gorge themselves on luminous sweets until they were physically ill, and want Diet Coke when there was only Pepsi, and Pepsi Max when there was only Coca Cola.

...Crime in the Community is a drawn out story that is slow to develop. Things slowly drop into place and your suspicions are confirmed. There are no "WOW!" factors. The ending of this novel is no surprise and this book simply fails. I have taken nothing away from reading this quaint tale of village life. Crime in the Community does poke great fun at people's lives, prejudices and funny little ways - but nothing else. It is an easy read and is available as a 356KB Amazon Kindle eBook that was written in 2011. Crime in the Community is a poor book and I shall vote it only 2 stars on Good Reads .
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