Saturday, May 05, 2012

The new Glamorgan Wanderer.

We are off on holiday tomorrow and I will be off the internet until Thursday 17th May. Our friends will be looking after our pet dog Barney. He is a 12 year old Jack Russell/Lakeland Terrier crossbreed.

This morning I took him on his final walk around Cardiff Bay whilst Gail was shopping in the ASDA. We have done this same walk many times before and takes 60 minutes. We walked from the ASDA to the Cardiff Bay flyover, then under the flyover and through Hamadryad Park. Then along the Clarence Embankment and crossed the River Taff using Clarence Road Bridge. We followed the path south along the river past the Avondale houses. When I got to the Channel View Centre, a venue for canoe training where the footpath joins Jim Driscoll Way, I paused for Barney to catch up as he had run into the bushes. I waited but there was no sign of Barney. I walked back maybe 200 metres calling his name. Still no sign of Barney. I thought he may be ahead of me and as we have done this walk many times before, he may be going back to ASDA and be waiting for me. Sadly when I got back to our car, he was not there.

So I drove our car to the Channel View Centre on Jim Driscoll Way as this was the last location I had spotted him. Gail stayed in the car hoping Barney would appear and I retraced my steps the exact way Barney and I had walked from the ASDA. But there was no sign of Barney. I returned to our car for the second time without our dog. I had been walking for 120 minutes but Barney was only with me for the first 45 minutes.

We then drove to the Cardiff Dogs Home and reported him missing. Today is my mother's 75th birthday and we went to their flat to take her out for her birthday meal. We were just leaving Mother's sheltered housing complex when Gail's mobile telephone rang. "Have you lost a dog?" asked the caller. "Yes, we have." replied Gail "Where are you?"

"Number xxx South Clive Street" replied our mystery caller. So obviously we drove down to South Clive Street and were re-united with our pet dog.

Later this afternoon I was cutting the grass because with going away on holiday tomorrow it would be to long when we got back. All the grass is done and the gear put back in the garage. Now it was time to take Barney to our friends. I am washing my hands and Gail asks "Is Barney with you?" - "No" I replied, "I thought he was with you".

Barney had sneaked off again, Gail went outside shouting his name but Barney did not come. So I left the house and walked around our estate and down to the local park. I got a telephone call from Gail "Come home Stephen, I have got him".

Gail had looked out of our front room window and there was Barney sitting on the grass between Gail's bushes. He was very happy sitting there minding his own business and was totally unaware of the second dog search of the day. He probably thought when I want to come back in I can bark and Stephen will open the front door. Gail has called him other names than Barney today, I think he should change his name to Glamorgan Wanderer.

Readers of this blog who do not know Cardiff and/or where I live should know that the Glamorgan Wanderers is a rugby club 10 minutes walk away from my home. I am sure that if Barney suddenly took an interest in rugby that he could go to matches on his own and come home when he is ready.

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