Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gaviscon to the rescue .

Driving back from London on Thursday night I experienced some stomach pain, low down on the left. It was quite a localised pain as though somebody had kicked me there. I also felt very thirsty. Oh dear, I thought, maybe I have picked up a nasty little bug. When I got back to the farm I drank a litre of water before going home. At home I had a mug of coffee and a mug of squash before going to bed. Trouble was that I did not need another pee before going to bed so I knew something was not quite right.

I was awoken a few times in the night with stomach pain in the same localised area. I got up, drank some squash and still no need to pee.

The next morning I felt rough but walked Barney as usual and came home for breakfast. I could not face my cooked breakfast and Barney had most of it. Then I took out of the kitchen cupboard a box of Peppermint Gaviscon and ate 4 tablets before leaving for work. I was fit for work but felt really rough as though I had been in a nasty fight. Still, I thought, take things steady and in stages. The first driving block was 2 hours followed by a break. In my break I had a big pooh and my urine was back to normal, so I knew that things would start to get better. To be sure I took another 2 Gaviscon tablets as my next driving block would be 4 hours 15 minutes.

Half way to London I wanted to be sure of things, so I did a "Matthew" and pulled into Membury services for a 10 minute comfort stop. Plenty of wee and a good fart so I knew I was on the mend. The pain was still there but it was reducing a little.

Before leaving London I took another 2 Gaviscon tablets because I was still feeling rough and it is a long day's work. I drove back to Cardiff without an unscheduled comfort stop. When I got home I had the usual coffee and biscuits before going to bed. I wondered how I would feel today and when the stomach pain would stop.

I woke up this morning like a new man! I had a good night's sleep and did not stir once. The stomach pain had gone overnight and it was like it had never happened. So the nasty little bug I had picked up had been sent packing with the help of Gaviscon. I could feel it working as soon as I took the tablets. It is a dampening feeling in your stomach as the chemicals calm activity down.

I am not in the business of product placement but these Peppermint Gaviscon tablets give so much relief  that I feel they are worth a blog post. So, if you have a bad stomach ache, try those Peppermint Gaviscon tablets because they worked for me.
Gaviscon is very good after a night on the cider finished off by a kebab with extra chilli sauce. Gaviscon prevents heartburn by preventing stomach from entering your gullet. You can actually feel it soothing your stomach.

But it does not kill bugs or get your bowels working again. It sounds to me like you were constipated from not drinking enough water .

You need to give up your cooked breakfasts, Steve, in favor of a healthy bowl of "All Bran" even if it does taste like old rope. And drink lots of water (or tea if you prefer).

I agree with John a coocked breakfast every day isnt good for you Fatty Steve!!!!
Ive noticed you are slowly piling on the pounds of late Mr Clynes.....
John: I have never suffered from constipation.

Matthew: My trousers are still 36" - the waistband does not lie.
As someone with a dysfunctional esophagus that required a stomach wrap to stop raging acid reflux, Gaviscon is very good for short-term conditions.

Try getting over-the-counter tablets containing Omeprazole. They're stronger and longer lasting. I believe 10mg is the strongest non-prescription dose, though a GP can prescribe higher.

But as long as Gaviscon works, keep with it. Omeprazole is no cheaper/expensive but another option as they actually stop the stomach producing as much acid so that whatever's wrong has a chance to sort itself out naturally.
:p I wonder if gaviscon will work next time I eat something I'm intolerant too like wheat gluten or lactose? Will it stop the pain?
Thursday: Gaviscon should stop your stomach pain, it is very good. Shame to read about your food intolerance, my mother has the same problems and eating out is a lottery for her.
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