Friday, June 08, 2012

The new toy .

Whilst away on holiday in Norfolk, I purchased a new toy. We took with us the laptop that runs Windows 7 and Gail took her tablet computer that runs Android. As readers of this blog will already know, I am not a fan of Windows and run Lubuntu with LXDE on our desktop computer. So there we were in Norfolk doing mobile computing away from home and it got me thinking. I played about on the laptop and noticed how much Gail was getting from her tablet. She was unsure about getting an internet connection at the Premier Inn, so I set it up on her tablet. I noticed what a simple whizz it was to use her tablet. The next day she showed me what her tablet could do as I had not taken an interest in it before. Well, that was it and the seed was sewn. I then started thinking about getting a mobile computing device.

I started with an open mind and considered buying a laptop, a netbook or a tablet. Each device has many advantages and disadvantages. I was very much impressed by Gail's tablet and all the things it could do with the technology behind it. I decided to buy a tablet and wondered which screen size to plump for. I wanted something really handy and portable that I could take along to work if I wanted. I already have an Amazon Kindle and I think it's size is ideal for reading at home and taking to work. Therefore I was in the market for a 7" tablet computer.

A quick look around the net showed that the best value deal that week would be a Samsung Galaxy 7" Tab with a free upgrade to 32GB for just £199 at the Carphone Warehouse. I have now done the steep learning curve with my new device and I am very happy with it indeed. My Galaxy Tab is very easy to use with loads of features pre-installed. It is a very good piece of kit to use both at home and away. I can now sit next to Gail on our sofa rather than use the desktop through the archway of the dining room.

The use of an Android tablet is very different to desktop computing. It's best use is through Apps (Applications) that are optimised for mobile devices. This is different as you use the tablet as an appliance rather than a computer. The focus is different and many commentators are warning about the dangers of tethering and the way the internet has developed. But using Apps on a tablet within these walled gardens is very easy and the quality is good.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy 7" Tab is good and I have found nothing to complain about. I like way you can personalize it to the way you want it to look. I like the many options available so that you can get it to work just the way you want. It is like having a top of the range smartphone but with a useable 7" screen and not having to pay a monthly rental. Battery life is good and the touch screen does it's job.

I am very happy with my new toy and I now realize just how much computers and mobile phones have moved on in the last few years. Tablets are a step forward although I still like to go "old school" once a week and bang away on this traditional desktop computer running Lubuntu with LXDE and a real keyboard at my finger tips. It is horses for courses and with my tablet I now remember Lisbeth Salander and her Palm hand held computer in the Millennium Trilogy novels.

Which news App have I downloaded and like the best on my Android tablet? No surprises, it is the same as the best news website on the internet and it is British. Have you guessed it yet.... come on Matthew, your hunch is probably right...The Guardian.

I wouldnt wipe my backside after having the shits with the Guardian!!!!!!!!
This is pretty exciting! Hope you guys have fun there! LUCKY !
Matthew: Now I know why you buy the South Wales Echo, a true joke of a newspaper but okay to wipe you bottom with.
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