Friday, July 27, 2012

Is The London Olympics The Next 9/11?

This is a very short story written in 2012 and is available as a small Amazon Kindle eBook of just 104 KB. It is a tale of conspiracy written in the style of an investigative journalist who remains anonymous. This report is nicely pitched and answers the problems of the recruitment of new security guards by G4S and the deployment of the army to make up the numbers. You can view this book as satire but the author does have a point to make.

Look at what is going on in the setting up of security before the games and ask yourself the question why? Are security guards so hard to recruit and train? Is our government not telling us something and will G4S become the scapegoat? Or is this short story written by a disgruntled employee?

Reading this before the Olympics start makes you wonder. It is an amusing story and well worth a read. I downloaded it for FREE shortly after it was released but today's price is £2.67 - quite a lot for a 104 KB eBook. I vote this short story a HIT simply for making people think. Can this be true? Time will tell.

Bring on the games!

Have you worked another 6 days on the trot?? A whole week since your lat update!!!!!!!!!!
And the same happens next week! 6 days work on the trot. Damn nasty roster.
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