Sunday, July 01, 2012

More chicken abuse.

We read many tales about the bad treatment of chickens in our food chain. People want cheap food and as businesses cut costs, chickens are reared in worse conditions. But the cost cutting in the name of profit does not stop there. People serving hot take away chicken are now living and working in worse conditions. Take away shops in East London are ignoring the national minimum wage and as Newham council found "We came across one chicken shop where the pay was £1 an hour. To be fair, they gave the workers some free accommodation – a mattress at the back of the shop, with three of them taking turns on it."

It is a long story but certainly worth a read. A lot of people will be paying big money to attend the Olympics in East London oblivious to the squalor going on in nearby take away shops. These staff are very cagey about their lack of pay and awful living conditions but know to the penny the cost of their chicken meal deals.

Welcome to the other side of London where the Olympics are not the only games being played. There is a cat and mouse game being played among businesses, councils and illegal immigrants that is being ignored by the public as they stumble into these take away shops offering what appears to be cheap food. Now we know why it is so damn cheap, not only are the chickens probably badly treated but the staff are valued like pigeons.

What value are pigeons in London? They are scum, dirty creatures and should not be encouraged. Why some people can actually fancy pigeons is beyond me but then the same goes for those nasty take away chicken shops.
I often wondered about those chicken shop guys they are always there no life now I understand :/

On another note my mum came round today I said how my dad has some pigeons on the balcony of his flat .. One laid an egg and he put out a box n now they nest there and is shit all over n smells n u can't sit out there.. The neighbours complained n he says they don't know it's him but u can see the birds flying in and out of the railings... It's horrid my mum make me n my sister laugh she say how she 'feels sorry for pigeons!' we said whatever for? She says because she thinks they have a hard life they just forage on the roadside picking at nothing!' loooool oh my dayz!
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