Friday, July 20, 2012

Victim Six by Gregg Olsen .

Victim Six is a regular serial killer crime thriller novel. It is set in America and follows the work of 2 police officers and 1 journalist on the chase of the killer. They have to identify the killer and find him before another victim is found. This book is an entertaining read and is one of the better crime thrillers at the bookstore. The story develops the moods of a diverse character set and it is a very modern and up to date tale. This novel is a good mix of forensics, police procedure, small town journalism and adult emotions. This story is well written and you understand the motives of the killer and the terror of his victims...

Her last thoughts were the darkest that had ever gone through her mind. I hope he only rapes me. Yes, only rapes me. Her wits were nearly gone, but she knew the ridiculousness of her thoughts. She had a friend who’d been raped in a restaurant parking lot. It was nothing to wish for, but in that moment it was the only hope that she had. She wanted to live...

“He said he penetrated her with a rolling pin. He said he put a vacuum cleaner hose onto her nipples. He said that he choked her while she begged for her life.”...

“This is far more than torture,” she said, locking her eyes on Kendall. “Victim’s areolae on both breasts have been excised,” she said...

“Good isn’t what I want or need. I like my women a little on the rough side, bitch. You know, sweet like a soft cookie, but with the crunch of nuts inside.” He let out a laugh.

...The killer is clearly a sadist, which spices the story up a little. The story develops at a good pace and everything slots together. The chosen title of this book is misleading and a bad choice. You know from the start, when nobody has been murdered, that there will be six victims. You also read the actions and thoughts of the killer throughout the story, so you already know who his is. The ending is poor but the journey you have travelled has been a good one.

Victim Six was written in 2010 and I bought the Kindle eBook which is a 663 KB file. It is a good book and I shall vote it 4 stars on Goodreads . Whenever I see a mobile home parked in someone's garden, I will always wonder if it is another "fun house".

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