Monday, July 23, 2007

Two simple questions from Sky.

The days roll by and shortly our subscription to Sky television will cease. When I telephoned them to cancel there was no hard sell to keep my business just a simple resignation that it was time to move on and that I was just another customer adding to their churn. I expected that maybe later I would be interrupted with telephone calls trying to sell me their television service. Telephone calls can be intrusive and salespeople will get a sharp response from me. If I want to buy something then I will go online or outside to buy the service or product. I am not some puppet who will buy over the telephone just because someone has cold called them to drum up business.

All credit to Sky, they have not insulted my intelligence or pestered me with nuisance telephone calls. The other day I received a letter from Sky along the lines of sorry you are leaving us. Could I spend a minute, yes - just a minute to answer two simple questions on a card and return it to them freepost. The first question was to tick box only one of the obvious listed reasons for leaving plus a second column for additional matches. The second question was to tick box which genres of television I had watched with Sky. Below this was a number which I assume was my account number.

What a refreshing change this was, a simple Customer Service Questionaire that did not invade my privacy or mine me for information to sell to third parties. It was two simple questions, took less than a minute to think and tick the boxes. It only got the information that was relevant and nothing more. I wrote about my views on the subject of Customer Questionaires on the 7th February 2007 and I just wish that some people on Hagley Road would follow this excellent business model set by Sky.

Sky have demonstrated how to have a good customer experience and if later on if I were to change my mind about having a pay TV subscription then I would consider Sky because they have not annoyed me with intrusive telephone calls or nosey parker Customer Service Questionaires. That would save me from taking my potential business to MegaTV, if you take the hint!
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