Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Madeleine story moved to page 10.

The Madeleine McCann story today appears on page 10 of my newspaper. It is right that this story was not printed as front page news. Pitching the story on page 10 is about right in my opinion.

My post the other day explored my doubts over the evidence against Gerry and Kate McCann. Yesterday I had another thought which had nothing to do with DNA evidence. If you were to murder someone and dispose of the body you would NOT hire a car 25 days later to recover that body and take the remains somewhere else. Nobody had found Madeleine's body in the first 25 days and nobody yet has found any of her remains. I cannot imagine a murderer hiring a car after 25 days to move bodily remains. Gerry and Kate McCann are intelligent people and would not do such a stupid thing. They would be very aware of the surveillance around them and would know that their actions were being constantly monitored.
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