Saturday, October 13, 2007

The walk of shame.

Do you remember when you were a child your mother may have instructed you to "Don't show me up" when taking you outside. Any child who played their mother up in public would be warned "wait until I get you home". Times and attitudes have changed, now you see children running around screaming and screeching everywhere. The parents appear to have little or no control over their children. I have blogged before about children in pubs and the chaos they cause. Gail's granddaughter Louise is a noisy ill-disciplined 2 year old who tears around our home when Gail is child minding. Louise is loud, extremely talkative and hard work. It is not an easy day child minding a 2 year old and it is very tiring on adults.

These children do not just terrorise their grandparents homes, shops and pubs. They sometimes use public transport and being under 3 years of age travel for nothing. I saw one mother with a 2 year old child on a coach. The child was very loud, shouting and screeching in child talk. The loud cries from this child went on and on. After 30 minutes the driver stopped in a lay-by and walked to the very back of his full coach. He quietly asked a male passenger if he could swap his seat to the front. The driver then addressed the mother of the 2 year old child that her child was causing him a distraction and could she swap seats with the man. The mother replied that it was OK and that they would move to the back.

The mother then did the walk of shame.
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