Friday, February 22, 2008

Speed limits through roadworks an update.

As you can gather from the post below I was rather annoyed by the severe speed restrictions through the roadworks in Derbyshire. So annoyed that I sent an email to Derbyshire Council raising my concerns. Here is a copy of their reply...

Dear Mr Clynes,

Further to your email of 19 February, I have now looked into the matter and can give you a more comprehensive reply.
Temporary traffic management is required on A61 Dronfield Bypass to allow for maintenance works to bridges. The contract allows for a 30mph speed limit to be applied when a contraflow system operates on the dual carriageway. This phase of the works has now been completed and works continue with single lane closures operating in each direction for the next month or so. During this phase of the works the contract allows for a 40mph speed limit to apply. I understand that the change from a 30mph speed limit to a 40mph limit will take place by the end of this week.

Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

Paul Robinson

Traffic and Safety Manager - north east area
Network Management Division
Environmental Services Department
01629 580000 ext 7657

...So there we have it, thank you Paul. It appears that Derbyshire Council have a policy of 40 mph for single carriageway roadworks that is reduced to 30 mph if that carriageway is contra-flow rather than barrier protected. However, if you have a team of lazy workmen then the 30 mph signs will be left in place until the whole site has been cleared. This problem with workmen not placing and removing signs properly is a national problem and makes me wonder about their quality of work given their lack of attention to the simple, low tech task of sign placement.
I agree that workmen are not perhaps the best people to install temporaray signage. On the A15 in Lincolnshire, temporary traffic lights have been in operation while a pedestrial footpath is constructed between Langtoft and Market Deeping. One of the warning signs states that there are toadworks in 200m, whereas the one on the opposite side of the road states 200yds! Quite a difference!

When Peterborough bus station closed for 2 months in the summer of 2006, following a glass pane falling from the roof and nearly killing 3 people on bay 5, Peterborough City Council made arrangements for a temporary bus station in the Acland Street coach park. The signs erected to direct PCVs to this new area were as follows:


It doesn't fill you with much confidence.
apologies for the obvious typos in the above.
I get typos if I have been drinking and I fail the random typing test!

The number of those lane closed signs where the wrong lane has been indicated I have seen, is amazing. Do these workers really need such a wide hard shoulder that reduces the other live traffic lanes? I have my doubts.
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