Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Not the day job.

There has been a change in my employers holiday policy and we can no longer carry holidays over from one period to the next. Therefore I am on holiday at the moment, this is not my choice. I was not bothered by snow as it is part of my job and being off work through this inclement weather is no advantage to me.

Gail wanted our lounge and dining rooms decorated, her idea was to pay someone to do it for us. I was totally against paying someone else to do a simple job like painting a room. Okay, this is not my day job and my painting experience is limited but I did not want to pay somebody to do something I am competent to do myself.

So we bought the paints and over the last three days we have painted the lounge, the dining room, the staircase walls, the skirting boards and the door frames. The southern walls have been painted a colour B&Q call wholemeal - a light brown. All the other walls have been painted a soft cream. The woodwork is simple brilliant white.

This is not my day job but I am very pleased with the end result. Painting a room is easy work with the radio on in the background. Walking the dog this morning I wondered what it is like for painters who do it every day as a day job, year in, year out?

I have used muscles these last three days that I do not normally use. I can feel the difference when I move! With a regular painting job these muscles would tone up. Your painting would become more efficient and the only interest you would have at work would be the radio!

If there were painters working as a team then I assume they would have to use personal stereo's. Gail and I did not like the same radio station and thought the others choice was poor. I am still a fan and a listener to Nation Radio which I blogged about in July. Gail does not like Nation Radio because of the type of music it plays. I teased her by saying that Nation Radio plays blokey music, songs that are sung by blokes, for blokes. Gail likes Real Radio because she can sing along to the commercial soft girly songs that make you thing the world is pink and full of flowers! The music on Real Radio gets on my tits, the disc jockey banter is childish and the adverts are mind numbingly stupid!

Still, we both love the new colours in our home and can live with our differences in musical tastes and broadcast radio stations! I will not be changing my day job to become a painter but I understand that both are simply a job that you can run. This is the attitude I put to the painting, simply "run job". Driving a coach on a regular service is exactly the same, "run job" which is what computer operators in the 1970's used to do in mainframe computing centres. The only difference between coach drivers and painters is that we cannot have the radio on whilst we "run job".
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