Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ritual by Mo Hayder .

Nine feet under water in Bristol Harbour, a police diver finds a human hand. This is the start to a 547 page crime thriller that is written in a similar voice to the last book I had read, Beneath the Bleeding by Val McDermid . These 2 authors are very similar and I cannot praise one higher than the other. This book is set in and around Bristol where I had lived for 20 happy years, so I found this novel very easy to relate to. This story is very moody and dark, just like those written by Harlan Coben and R. J. Ellory but they are a joy to read.

There is a good structure to this novel, a little creepy but it has the appeal of darkness, the mystery of the night. You feel as though you have been on a journey, a journey where you understand and learn. You think about diving, 2 types of diving, regular water and then into the mysteries of our urban and rural landscapes. You then wonder where the Tokoloshe may be lurking, stroking and looking your way.

I vote this book a HIT. There is a lovely explanation from the author that runs from pages 553 to 559. Then you understand fully what this story means to Mo Hayder and why after the copyright information on page 6, it simply states...

To 'Adam'
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