Sunday, June 14, 2009

Possession by Peter James .

In December 2008 I read Dead Man's Footsteps by Peter James. On this blog I wrote "I would buy another of Peter's books because the quality is there". Well, I was in an Asda supermarket and they were banging some paperbacks out for just £2 - I looked at the authors and here was one by Peter James, so for just £2 it was a gift.

Possession is a book Peter first published in 1988, a paperback edition was published in 2000 and reissued in 2007. This 290 page book is about Alex Hightower whose son, Fabian is killed in a car crash. Problem is that Alex believes her son is still alive and this novel is above life after death and the spirit world. Okay, you may think, what is Stephen - an Atheist doing reading a book about ghosts? Ah, that is because Peter James writes such a good story. He is a very skilled author and this book is a joy to read. This novel should appeal to readers of ALL religious beliefs, it does not matter whether you believe in a God or ghosts as it's interpretation is down to the reader. You can take this novel to be an easily explained fantasy of an after life or as a story of how society can deal with the challenges brought into every day life from a spirit world.

Peter tells a lovely tale and his writing style is very clear. I like the structure of this book and you feel that you are getting a full story. There is a lot of body to this story, it is not thin and the plot develops at a good steady pace. I consider this book a good read, even if it had been sold at a regular price! There was nothing I disliked about this novel, although I was surprised at the amount of cigarette smoking that was described but I would not mark this book down because of it.
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