Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Atheist shakes hands with a Born Again Christian .

If you look at the links on the sidebar at the right of this blog, you will see a small selection of my favourite blogs. The blog that used to hold the second one on this list was called Life of a National Express driver and is written by a guy called Chris. On his blog there is a photograph of Chris with his pet dog Harvey. We both do work for the nationwide company and this morning we both got a pleasant surprise in London Victoria Coach Station. Gate number 5 had two coaches leaving at 8 o'clock, mine was at the front and a Scania Irizar PB was behind me. Along walks this driver from the coach behind mine to load his passengers and I recognised him from the photograph on his blog.

I introduced myself as Natural Yogurt, because he links to my blog and I place comments on his blog posts. We do the same job but our views are quite different. I am an Atheist and Chris is what I would describe as a Born Again Christian. If I have given him the wrong designation, then I am sure he can correct me in the comment box below. It was nice to shake hands and say hello to Chris as I have read his blog for quite some time. Unfortunately there was not time to have a good chat and put the world to rights. He apologized that the content was a little low on his blog at the moment but because of the policies of the nationwide company he has to be very careful what he writes. I understand this because I had a slapped wrist about a blog called My Other Car that I wrote over 3 years ago. I was told to delete the blog or loose my job. The blog is done for free and was a labour of love, the job is paid by the hour so the choice was simple. Thankfully My Other Car was focused on the day job so that Natural Yogurt could continue with the mix of other things that interest me.

My views on Middle East politics and religion may be a challenge to Chris but the comment box is always open to everyone and I will never delete any comments because I believe strongly in the freedom of speech and people have taken the time and trouble to comment on my posts.

I got home this afternoon and my wife Gail asked me what I thought about Anjem Choudary . I told her what I thought about Anjem, his group and his religion. Gail's temper flared as I probably had a different view to that expressed in her copy of The Sun newspaper! Then she started ranting at me and said that I should not write anything on my blog that may be challenged by Muslims. Well, too late Gail, I will stand up and be counted .

Okay, there is a place for watching what you write on your blog. We must protect our freedoms of expression on the internet but never loose our jobs or shoot ourselves in the foot over our postings. I think I have pitched things about right on this blog. Maybe Chris may broaden the scope of his blog so that he can add more content without getting into trouble with the big boys in Aberdeen or Birmingham?
Sorry for the delay in commenting. It was great to put 'name to face'. I think the world would be a poorer place if not for differences. Imaging 50 billion 'me's'!! On the other hand if we are all the same no war etc etc. Anyway I pride myself on my attidude to others. I have no right to say what is right and what is wrong.That is for someone or something else, depending on your belief to judge.
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