Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Faithless by Karin Slaughter .

This is the 5th novel in the Grant County series and has 528 pages which were written in 2005. I have not read the 4th novel in the Grant County series, Indelible , but each novel is a stand-alone story and I did not miss out by not reading the previous novel. Faithless continues with Sara Linton the medical examiner, her ex-husband Jeffrey Tolliver the police chief and Lena Adams a detective. Sara and Jeffrey stumble across a crime scene as they walk through woods near Sara's home. A young girl had been buried, who held the secrets of an isolated community.

Faithless is an uninspiring story involving religious zealots. This is a poor book and I will only give it 2 stars on Book Army . Faithless has failed my quality threshold. As I have read 3 of the previous novels in the Grant County series, Faithless seemed tired and dull. This story was not gripping, it just plodded along. This novel is a weak, cheap story. Nothing that unusual actually happens in this story. The only bright part of this book are the actions, emotions and history of Lena Adams but even so, her character has not moved much further on from A Faint Cold Fear . There are no big surprises in this book, it is just a story of typical small town America. I took nothing away from this book, so all I can say is "Next book, please".
The chamber?? look forward to reading your review on three weeks steve, but more detail please......
Thank you for the loan of your copy of The Chamber by John Grisham. I aim in my review to post a similar content to that of my review of The Associate also by John Grisham. There will be more for me to write about The Chamber than Faithless because of the subject matter and the moral implications. In The Associate, I found no empathy for Kyle and it will be hard for me to find any empathy for Adam or Sam in The Chamber - but I will reserve my opinion until I finish this book.

I was disappointed with Faithless as I have enjoyed Karin's other books. I still cannot lose the character of Lena Adams from my head, the thought of her liking rough sex!
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