Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lenore writes about Plagiarism in Book Blogs.

Just catching up on reading some of my favourite blogs today and I turn to Presenting Lenore , a blog written by a book lover. On the 16th April Lenore writes a post about Plagiarism is So Not Cool . Lenore is complaining about “cobbling together a book review by stealing parts of others’ reviews.” in your own blog. Oh yes, this is indeed plagiarism and she is rightly annoyed by the tiny minority of lazy bloggers who have committed this offence. Her post attracted some 52 comments and plagiarism it is clearly a concern to many bloggers.

I agree with the tone of her post and like many of the commentators I was also surprised that some bloggers were actually so lazy as to steal the work of other bloggers. Writing a blog is a labour of love and you will want to have your own stamp on it, not the stamp of another blogger. It is bad that some bloggers have stooped so low and have passed off other bloggers work as their own. I have nothing against bloggers who republish the work of other bloggers when they give credit to them. I know of one woman who does this a lot and she always gives credit to the author.

The best part of Lenore's post is about how to avoid plagiarism. She suggests that you "Find your voice". Develop a style and tone that you are comfortable with that differentiates your reviews from others’. Certainly, your style might vary slightly depending on the type of book you are reviewing, but you should still aim to be recognizably you. That will make your work easy to spot if another blogger tries to pass it off as their own!

Everybody has their own voice, it is only natural. Take as an example a comment on this blog I received to my post entitled "What is happening, dude?" . The comment displayed as ...

steve my friend you know who I am. We have spoken on many occasions about the company in question and you never seemed to believe me!!!

The management HAVE known for some time that things were going pear shaped but have not told the drivers..... All I can say my friend is that come June there will be no job for you at your current place of employment. I know this to be FACT and so does the management.........


Dan Brown and John Grisham fan
# posted by Anonymous : 5 April 2010 22:22 then, I did not need the clue of "Dan Brown and John Grisham fan" to understand who the Anonymous commentator was. The "voice" of the comment was enough for me to recognize without doubt who this Anonymous person is in real life. By coincidence Gail and I were chatting over breakfast this morning about what would happen if either of us lost our voice and the other one had to speak for them. I then mimicked her and rattled off a stream of sentences that Gail could say. This was very easy for me to do after 18 years of marriage and she thought it was very funny at how I poked fun at her. I can also mimic her droning on the telephone and it always amazes me how women chat on the telephone to each other.
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