Monday, April 26, 2010


Coming out of London driving my coach, I saw a new billboard that attracted my attention. It was an advertisement with a simple message "SAVE ME", the face of a fox and a website address. This advertisement provoked an instant reaction from me and I wanted to find out more. The website URL was dead easy to say it me dot org dot uk...easy me the fox...must remember the me dot org dot hyphen me dot org dot it.

So I drove back to Cardiff in my lovely coach and at the back of my mind was the face of that fox.

Then I remembered a comment on my blog from my friend Tim...

Cleo is ready! I too am surprised at Cameron saying something that makes sense. I will not however vote for him as he supports foxhunting and this will cost him votes. A vote for the conservatives is a vote for animal cruelty. Tim
# posted by Anonymous : 1 February 2010 21:28

...and now I have looked up the website on my home computer. This advertisement is the first billboard of the SAVE ME campaign and is located on the Cromwell Road opposite the huge Tesco Extra supermarket. The current Tory party leadership has vowed, if they win this coming election, to try to repeal the Hunting Act – a law which it took animal-lovers 80 years, and 700 hours of parliamentary debate to bring into effect, by democratic process, in accordance with the will of at least 75 per cent of the population. IF this law were repealed, it would become legal to hunt to the death, with brutalised packs of dogs, not only foxes, but stags, hares, and other wild creatures in Britain’s countryside. The Tory party leadership has also confirmed that it will immediately dismantle the current 5-year plan for vaccinating badgers against Bovine TB, and instigate a cull instead; in effect, nothing less than the eventual extermination of our native badgers.

So then, I simply urge you to vote with your conscience. The fox does not have a vote and it will not attack you. Can you condone fox hunting and other blood sports? What value do you put on life? Is it a sport to kill another animal just for your own leisure? How would you feel if you were brutalised by a pack of dogs only to find it was not a bad dream but your limbs were being pulled apart as your blood was being drained away? Vote for change? No thank you Tory boy, I want to live in a civilised society. I maybe top of the food chain but I do not want to go back to the stone age.
I think I will vote Labour this time round Steve. I mean I like paying high taxes for little in return i.e. crap NHS service, police farce, sorry force, great education system, even greater immigration, treated like a second class person in my own country, brilliant transport system, getting involved in illegal wars, corrupt and over paid MP's,selling our gold reserves and knock down prices, bankrupting our country, afraid of America, afraid of Europe, paying for criminals and junkies NOT to go to prison,filthy dirty streets, higher national insurance contributions for an excellent first class international , sorry national health service, sky high council tax........................... If I have left anything out please forgive me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE LABOUR, the forward thinking party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Hey Matthew, I have a Kevin Brennan poster in my window. He delivered it in person and shook Gail's hand.

Kevin Brennan voted against the illegal war in Iraq which is more than can be said for the blood sport loving super-rich Tories. Muslims or foxes, it makes no difference to Posh Boy David Cameron. The Labour Party is the best political party to represent the working man. Do you remember just how good the National Bus Company was before the Tories privatised our industry into the shambles it is today.
You are correct in saying that the Labour party is the best party to represent the local man. Would you be brave enough to say that to the faces of the oil refinery workers who lost their jobs to foreign workers brought over by the Labour party!!!!! British jobs for British workers!!!!! I forgot who said that, Gordon Mcbroon!!

I have a plaid Cymru poster in my garden, still dont know who I will vote for but definately NOT Liebour!!

They have brought this country to its knees just like Greece, they are a disaster. The only people they have benefitted are single mothers on benefits and immigrants!!!
Laughing out loud Matthew! It is the employers who brought in the cheap labour from Eastern Europe, the likes of Clayton Jones and his love affair with Poland. Was Clayton Jones a councillor flying the Plaid Cymru flag, the same man who advertises a candidate for Plaid Cymru on his St. David's Travel buses? Oh dear, I think a post is coming on...The face of Plaid Cymru.
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