Friday, December 24, 2010

Nice bit of scaremongering from the South Wales Echo

In the latest arrests on alleged terrorists in the UK, Cardiff came tops with 5 men taken into custody under the Terrorism Act. Now the South Wales Echo asks "Were these Christmas terror targets?". Cardiff city centre and Bridgend Designer Outlet may have been at the centre of a planned terror attack. Documents seized in dawn raids found at some of the houses are believed to have contained information about both shopping centres. Documents seized from raided houses on Monday are alleged to have had information pertaining to the McArthurGlen shopping centre just off junction 36 of the M4 in Bridgend, which is now formally known as Bridgend Designer Outlet. It is understood that following the discovery of the information the outlet closed. But the centre’s manager Richard Garrett said the site had only closed two hours early at 7pm on Monday because of problems caused by the snow. He denied he had received information in relation to any specific terrorist threat. He said: “To be honest, what we read or see from yourselves [the media] is all we would know anyway.”

...Well, this surprises me for a number of reasons.

These arrests were made by unarmed police officers. Terrorists are evil, violent people who carry and use guns. The police always close roads in Cardiff at the drop of a hat and claim this is because of health and safety in case people walk off pavements and get knocked over by moving vehicles. The police with their obsession of health and safety are unlikely to enter a terrorist cell unarmed.

Remember the arrests in London of 6 Veolia workers because they were overheard in the staff canteen joking about making an attack on the Pope. Maybe these Cardiff men were joking about having suicide bombers at Bridgend and Cardiff shopping centres, they were overheard and next thing they get a 05.00 house alarm call from the police. Oh dear, I have joked and raised my own concerns about the need to look closely at all the passengers before boarding them in both Birmingham Coach Station and London Victoria Coach Station. When you look at the density of passengers in the crowded waiting areas it frightens me that it would make a prime suicide bomb location with the prospect of many fatalities from the confined area. Will I be getting a visit from the police for expressing my concerns, remember I also have a beard!

Think about the timing of these arrests under the Terrorism Act. The police have had a lot of criticism lately over it's very rough handling of demonstrators in London. The police want to get the public back on side and frightening them by making arrests under the Terrorism Act is one way to convince the public that the police are their friends in the fight against all evil. At this time of year the police have their annual drink drive campaign with suspicion thrown on all drivers. This can cause a lot of resentment from sober drivers having to prove their innocence but with an increased awareness of a potential terrorist attack, the police will appear to be vigilant in protecting the public.
Eating your words now that three men from Cardiff have been charged with terrorism offences?? I'm sick and tired of living under the threat of terrorism from foreign terrorists who are allowed to come and live and threaten my life in this once great country because of liberal do-gooders.

"OOOOOOOOOOOO, they bring such diversity to this country", well I'd rather live a un-diversified life than die a diversified life!!!

Please dont bore me to death with the well worn out liberal doctrine of it's only a small minority!! These people DO have the support of their community, end of....

OK, they have only been charged and not convicted but lets face it, there is no smoke without fire............
Oh, shall we ring the nationwide company's customer service telephone line asking if our copy of Inspire magazine was left behind on the 509 from our day trip to London?

Two Cardiff men have been released without charge, the other three Cardiff men, all from Riverside, have been remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on 14 January. So the two Ely men have been released!

Looking at another blog called Muslims are terrorists it states...

A senior British official not authorized to speak on the record said the suspects were arrested on suspicion of “preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism in the UK,” but he also said the suspects were “aspirational” rather than equipped and “ready to go.”
These "men" were not and are not and never will be British. They are not from Ely or Riverside they are from Bangladesh!!!

Just because a dog is born in a stable does not make it a horse....

They hate the UK and all it stands for.
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