Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The broken shelf .

On the 16th December 2010 I wrote on this blog about the end of Book Army , the online book reading club. Because Book Army finished I looked at the options available and decided to open an account with shelfari . I transferred my rating stars for 65 books across to the shelfari website. On the 28th December 2010 I posted on this blog my review of last man standing by David Baldacci and then went onto shelfari to update my profile with a review and star rating of this book. I tried to login in and was awarded with a webpage that stated ...

Shelfari is off reading a short novel but will be back soon!

...Well, day after day I tried to log onto the shelfari website but each day I got the same message...

Shelfari is off reading a short novel but will be back soon!

...So, I have waited long enough now to post my review of last man standing by David Baldacci. I have given up on shelfari and as far as I am concerned shelfari is simply a broken shelf that will never be fixed and should be sent to the recycling centre. I will not attempt to log onto shelfari ever again. So now I have gone for my second choice of the 16th December 2010 and have opened an account with goodreads , which I believe is the biggest online book reading club in the world.

Forget the star rating for the 65 books that I copied from Book Army to shelfari, that is gone for good. The Book Army website is now closed and that information is inaccessible. I can't log onto the shelfari website so that information is also inaccessible. I can't be bothered to trawl through this blog to transfer my book star ratings onto goodreads. I have decided to make a fresh start and my profile on goodreads shows that I have read only one book called last man standing by David Baldacci. Future book reviews and star ratings from this blog will be posted on goodreads. I still enjoy being a member of an online book reading club because it is good to read what other readers think about books that they have bought and read themselves. It means that as a reader you can cast your net far wider than the best sellers list and enjoy books by less popular authors who may have very limited advertising budgets.
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