Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ink & Kink For The Win by BJ Thornton .

This is an odd little book, a kind of romance but it is not conventional. This is a tale of boy meets girl with a difference. This story involves only two characters who fall in love. Harley is a tattoo artist who is very sensitive to female emotions. Shae is recovering from breast cancer having had a mastectomy, which Harley covers up with a tattoo.

This book explores the psychological aspects of gaining a tattoo and how people deal with issues concerning their own body image. People have very differing comfort zones that they maintain in public and Shae protects herself by hiding in her hoodie. Her shyness lends great tension to this novel and I hoped that this story would move on and improve but sadly it did not.

Ink & Kink For The Win discussed how people can feel about their own bodies and how this affects their sexuality. Harley is rather bossy in his relationship with Shae and this has a big effect on her but this makes the reader feel claustrophobic. Shae is only just coming to terms with cancer and is unsure about her health and her new boyfriend. Slowly Shae begins to understand who she is and how she relates to pain whilst having a tattoo or sex. The raunchiest part of this book is this...

“They’re going to run tests next Thursday, but my doctor wants me to have another mastectomy, no matter what.”


She moaned when he twisted her nipple. Shae shook her head against never feeling that sensation again. “I can’t go through this again.”

“You’re gonna. Know why? I’m not letting you die on me, woman, if it can be prevented. I ain’t had nearly enough of you yet.” He pulled the rope against her pussy, quicker and harder than before. “Grind on it. I want to make you come.”

...You read on to the end of this novel only to find that you are no further forward. The ending is very poor and is a let down. There is no feeling of closure or having travelled a life changing journey. Ink & Kink For The Win was published on the 2nd March 2011 and is available as a 227kb Amazon Kindle eBook. It cost just 70p and is part of the Get 5 On It series of short stories by BJ Thornton. I thought this book was poor and have voted it only 2 stars on Goodreads . It passed the time but was a let down. It was however twice as good as Snowbound and BJ Thornton is a far better author than Seth Daniels. BJ Thornton can write okay but she lacks the art of storytelling. She is not an author that I will be following.
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