Thursday, June 09, 2011

Working the back channel .

Sometimes you wonder if people take notice of you or if you are talking to the wall. Sometimes you wonder if what you write on the internet is ever read by anyone and if anybody actually cares what you write.

Well, we all have feelings and people do look around the internet and read what other users have written. Very often people read but do not leave a comment, these are called lurkers. I have time for everyone, the active commenting people and the many lurkers who like my blog.

So I am rather pleased that the Grumpy Dragon is still reading my blog and has both commented on my blog post and decided to return to blogging. His latest blog post is very good and up to his usual high satirical quality. The nice thing about blogging is how reading other peoples' blogs you discover material that you otherwise would not have stumbled across. Reading Grumpy Dragon he linked to another blog called Old Holborn and an excellent blog post about Simon Cowell and Britain's Got Talent . This information was quite an eye opener and was a real whistle blower tale of the music business.

So, had I not worked the back channel, I would not have read the gossip on Old Holborn. Thanks once again to the Grumpy Dragon of Norfolk, for rising to the back channel challenge.
You're welcome.

What's quite amusing on the "Britains Got Talent" post over on OH's blog is the astroturfing it got in the comments from the Sony / Syco shills.

I did have a brief flirtation with the music industry when I was much younger. I played keyboards in a few bands and a couple of friends left the band I was in, set their own up and, miraculously, got signed up and ended up having a couple of minor hits in the mid 80's. Three years later I met up with them for a couple of gigs when their regular keyboard player was laid up. The contract had gone, they were back doing day jobs and had hardly made a penny from their "fame". The record company took almost all the profits to pay back for making the recording, studio hire, marketing and everything else.
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